Friday, March 5, 2010

11 months old!

Our baby is almost a year old! It's so hard to believe that I was due this month last year.

Peyton gets more personality by the day. More than his mobility this month, his social skills have developed. He continues to test his boundaries and definitely does things he's not supposed to for attention. He's destroyed 2 lamps in his room. Those little hands are fast and accurate as was demonstrated the one morning he ended up with OJ all over his head from him grabbing my glass. He's got a toy box in the living room and his favorite thing to do is empty it and throw everything across the room. He's got a pretty good arm. He's talking more and more. Not always real words, but you can tell they are real to him. I caught him "singing" the other day to himself. He's very expressive with his facial expressions too...especially those eyebrows. Anyone who's seen the face I'm talking about would agree. It makes everyone laugh. When we go out he is still initially shy, but is starting to wave and "talk" to people he doesn't know now, as long as he gets Mommy's look of approval first.

Peyton's not walking yet, but he tests his balance. He can stand without holding on to anything for about 10-20 seconds before he falls. Just like crawling, I think it'll just happen one day. The child does not sit still for 2 seconds when he's awake. He has learned to do lots of things that teach me that just when I think the house is babyproofed, it's not. He can climb the stairs, but can't safely come down. He climbed up on the couch the other day with the help of something on the floor that he figured out how to use as a step stool. His new thing is pushing his toys across the room while crawling on his knees and putting toys in other toys. I guess that means the boy needs a dump truck. Maybe for his birthday...

That's pretty much it. Next month will make me cry. Our baby will be one. Zack and I are getting him a little cake and Grandma and Aunt Cathy will be in town to celebrate. We love that baby boy!

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