Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peyton's first Mardi Gras

For the past week we've been in Lafayette, LA celebrating Mardi Gras and introducing Peyton to his Daddy's relatives. Wow, did he meet a lot of people. He was a trooper the whole time and seemed to really enjoy being around lots of other kids and new faces. He definitely liked the attention. And all this while he was sick with a runny nose and cough (which we now know is an ear infection).

We stayed with Peyton's Parrain and Aunt Jessica. He got to meet his cousins, Averie, Marie, and Baylor. Also, he got to be reunited with Aunt Jessica's parents, Chris and Richard. The first night they had dinner at their house and Peyton also got to meet PawPaw and Nanny Bobbie. Even after traveling all day he was happy as a clam to be passed around.

Thurday, for lunch, we ate with Mrs. Connie, Daddy's Mom's childhood friend. We also made plans to get Peyton's first haircut from his PawPaw (the pics are so cute, he was so good). He also met MawMaw (his great grandmother). She was in love, as was expected. She gave him a little radio she got from the casino and a piggy bank full of coins (we haven't checked our luggage yet to see if it made it or got smashed on the trip home). Miss Margaret, MawMaw's friend was there too. This was the day Gwen and Philip got in from Texas too. I can't remember if Tiffany and her friend Holly came that night or the following day, but they were at the house too. It was crazy full.

During the day on Friday we headed to Pizza Village to have lunch with MawMaw and as a surprise, Uncle Ricky and TroyAnn, Uncle Earnest, and 2 of Ricky's sons showed up too. We got a picture of the whole Roger clan. On Friday night our friends Ben and Rachel came, but didn't get in until really late. Peyton got to experience his first Mardi Gras parade on Saturday, when we headed to Carencro for the block party at Aunt Sandra's house. Uncle Fred provided the music. This was Peyton's longest day by far, but he only fussed for a little while because he was hungry. We got tons of beads that day, and Peyton made out with quite a few toys as well. We danced and ate and had a good ol' time. Peyton got to meet Joshua, Daddy's cousin Jodi's son, who is 6 months old. Aunt Jessica's sister and her 2 kids came in on Saturday from Florida. Talk about a full house. Saturday night we stayed in because after getting home from Carencro, Peyton's cough got bad. Poor baby couldn't catch his breath and actually ended up throwing up because of all the drainage that was running into his tummy.

Sunday he was no worse for the wear and we had a bonfire at Chris and Richard's property that night. He was content sitting in the sling on Daddy all night.

We finally went to Cajun Field on Monday to watch the parade. It was fun, again, keeping Peyton content in the sling. He met so many more people these last few days, that I can't even begin to think who they all were. Peyton did us the favor of being a good boy and going home with Aunt Jessica so we could have one night to ourselves. Tuesday was Mardi Gras and we were again at Cajun Field. This was the longest day by far without anywhere for naps. He finally gave in a napped in our arms briefly. By the time we got home, he had his second wind and was happy, playing, and entertaining everyone.

The whole trip was so much better than I could've ever anticipated. Peyton loved meeting everyone and was so good considering how little sleep he got the whole week, and I think everyone loved meeting him. He's quite the little charmer when he wants to be. He didn't even fight bedtime, which surprised me with him being out of his element. Runny nose and all, he had an exciting week. He comes home with multiple gifts as well. A Mardi Gras outfit from Aunt Sandra, a Superbowl champs outfit from Gwen, a Saints outfit, bear, and telephone from Aunt Janet, money from Mrs. Connie, and the little radio and bank from MawMaw.

Thanks to everyone for the hospitality. Peyton is truly blessed to have such a great extended family.

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