Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Anecdote Not To Be Forgotten

I had to write this down since it will probably be forgotten and I don't want it to be.  I just had the most curious and cute exchange with Peyton.  I put him to bed and he was really good because we just started a sticker chart for going straight to bed without crying or calling for Mommy over and over.  Because Zack is out of town and I am doing all the nighttime duties myself I forgot one, going to the potty.  Peyton and I must've had a psychic connection because I realized it and he called for me almost simultaneously about 30 minutes after he went to bed.  We went in the bathroom and he began to tell me something I couldn't quite understand, but it was so cute anyway.  He got on the toilet and began telling a story about his cape and being in the wind and getting knocked down and it hurt.  I was sitting on the stool waiting for him to be done listening to this.  He told me that when he was in his room he was talking to me (pretending) and had told me this story about the cape.  When he was done he went back to bed, I tucked him back in, and he said "Thank you, Mommy for sitting on stool and listening to story about my cape while I was on toilet."  He gave a huge cheesy grin and commenced to begin pretending again in bed, but quietly, so that he can get his sticker in the morning.