Friday, October 8, 2010

1 1/2 years old and no longer a baby

A year and a half, 18 months. Time flies. We no longer have anything resembling a baby on our hands, we have a budding little boy. A little boy who loves to throw the ball, climb, run, and flip, mimics everything we do, throws temper tantrums with the best of them, cuddles better than anyone on the planet, and has a litany of priceless faces that we recently memorialized in a collage photo. He is also a little boy who has gets sick every time he's teething, refuses to sleep through the night, and tries our patience at times as he pushes the envelope to see what he can get away with.

At his docs appointment he was 22 lbs 14 oz, 33 inches. He's getting taller and skinnier dropping down off his weight growth curve and moving up on the height curve. This could also be because our once connoisseur of fine foods, who would eat everything but meat, suddenly doesn't want to eat anything. He's too busy to eat. You can almost see the changes in him cognitively. He's wanting to say more and more words, is spending more time on activities that test his brain, like the shape sorter (which he can now easily do and does over and over and over), coloring, looking at books and trying to say the words that go with the pictures, and participating with the TV when he watches his favorite show, Play With Me Sesame. He is also on the road to potty training, often taking himself to the potty during the day (now if we could only get his babysitter to offer him the potty more often, he might be 100% trained by the end of the month). His joy in life is making us proud as can be seen by the grin on his face and his self applause when he does something right. We've got him putting away his toys before bed every night, which is one of his favorite games-we'll see how long that lasts. We are working on the Gator chomp. That should be good to go, hopefully by the UF/LSU game this weekend or next week at the latest:)

Every time I blog, I think, this is my favorite time. He's becoming such a little person. His personality is a joy. He loves to sing and dance and seems to be very musically and athletically inclined, which should be genetic since both his parents were both athletes and musicians. He is the greeter whenever we are out somewhere of all who come near him. He waves hi and gives a big toothy grin. I had a guy stop me in the grocery store one day when he was in the Ergo on my back and I couldn't see him, to tell me that Peyton made his day because he looked over at him, gave him a huge smile and started waving. That's our Peyton, he's a real people person. Unfortunately for me, but good for him, he has been going to his baby sitter's house more lately as I have begun working more and Zack changed his schedule. He loves spending time with the other kids, plus there is every toy known to man at that house. When I pick him up he is typically covered in dirt, food, markers, paint, or something to show he was having fun. It makes it easier for me to leave him, but harder because I'm not getting to spend nearly the time with him that I was.

We are so pleased by how Peyton is turning out, temper tantrums and all. Now if only we could get over the never ending cold/teething and get him sleeping through the night, life would be perfect.