Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guess who's 1!?

So I can't believe it, our baby is one...I guess that technically makes him a toddler now. What a wild and crazy year it's been. I have enjoyed writing this blog to commemorate each month and milestone along the way. This will be my last regular post. I still may blog from time to time to inform about new milestones, big events, etc. I am very happy because our little baby is turning into such a fabulous little boy, but I'm sad because his baby days are numbered.

Peyton had his one year checkup on the 6th and he weighed in at 20 lbs 8 oz and 29 inches long. He's still in the 25th %ile for height and weight so he's thriving well (he just has short parents). No one at his doctor's office could believe he's already a year. He sees a general wholistic practitioner, not a pediatrician, so he's very well known there for his adorable smiles and round cheeks. He's healthy as can be with the only problem being his lack of sleeping at night still. He's able to put himself to sleep well, he always gets laid down awake, but he doesn't stay there. His ears looked good, as did everything else, so we think it's still just teething. Poor baby got 3 teeth all at once and is acting like more are on the way. He looks very cute with his 2 front teeth and he's learned quickly that they are used for biting food. It's so cute to see him break off a piece of cracker and move food to the front of his mouth to try and chew with the 4 teeth he has.

Other things he's been up to include walking (he's still unsteady at times, but he tries to go further and further every day), climbing up anything he can, and saying more and more words. His newest words are "baby," "no way," and "yum yum" or "yummy." We can tell, because we're around him a lot, that he tries to say more than that. He repeats the inflection of words and phrases, even when he can't get the word.

Peyton's first birthday fell on the day before Easter. On his birthday we went to the neighborhood egg hunt, where there were tons of kids. He had never seen that many people in one place before and was in awe. He wouldn't pick anything up because he was so amazed by the wind (it was a ridiculously windy day) and all the people. He walked around holding my hand, though, which was super cute. We had a party that evening with some of our close friends who have gotten to know him pretty well in the last year. Grandma and Aunt Cathy were also here for the whole week leading up to his birthday, so they got to celebrate too. Peyton had a Sesame Street cake and a little cube cake that looked like an ABC block that he got to tear into without any of the adults having to eat from it afterwards. He really wasn't that into the cake, with me having to give him the first taste to get him to even touch it. He only licked a little bit of icing, but it was enough to give him a bout of diarrhea the next day since he usually only eats very healthy foods. The party was Sesame Street themed, with the focus being his favorite, Elmo. He got all kinds of fun toys. We themed his presents, getting him a play tent and multiple camping story books to get him in the mood for the upcoming summer. He got lots of books, a plastic golf game, a wagon with blocks, some balls, a ride on/hauling toy and several other things. He loves them all.

So, I want to conclude by saying that I could never have imagined how wonderful motherhood would be (and I'm sure Zack would agree with being a father-especially now that Peyton is all about playing with Daddy). The lack of sleep, trying to juggle work (albeit only 2 days worth), housekeeping, parenting, and making sure that he is introduced to all the right things for play and food and development has all been worth it to see how amazing he is now. He's extremely happy, has had one illness all year requiring a doctor's visit, and makes each day better than the last. We love him with all our hearts and hope to continue leading him on his life journey to make him a happy, successful person. I wouldn't change a thing about birthing him at a birthing center with a midwife, being an attachment parent, using cloth diapers, feeding him only organic, healthy foods, continuing still to breastfeed (although minimally now), limiting his television viewing, having few electronic toys, feeding on demand and allowing him to sleep in our bed when he needs to. I love being an mom, Zack loves being a dad and Peyton seems to love life and that's all we could ask for.

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