Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 months old today!

Here we are, 2 months away from 1 year! With increased mobility and increased intelligence comes increased mental fatigue for Mommy and Daddy. Peyton is testing us. His favorite "test" is to sit in front of the fireplace hearth, and act like he is going to climb up. Then he makes sure we are watching and tell him no, and he shakes his head side to side in the "no" sign and then, with one last glance to make sure we're still watching, he books it up and grabs the fireplace screen. There are days when he will repeat this process over and over and over. He knows all the things he is not supposed to get into and those are the first things he goes for when we turn our heads. I can't believe how fast the kid can crawl. He's getting really fast at cruising on the furniture too. With this speed comes lots of falls and tears. He has no regard for what is safe when he gets it into his head he should be able to do something. It's making his mother a nervous wreck!

In other news, this month I don't have to say we think he's teething, he is! The first tooth has been cut, but is barely in and is still bothering him a lot. It is causing a ton of wakeful nights, making for a crabby baby and a tired Mommy.

Peyton has more words daily. "Up" is his favorite. It has multiple uses. "Pick me up," "take me out of the car seat," "go upstairs," "get me out of the high chair." His second word is "mama." Sometimes in the middle of the night he doesn't even cry, he just says mama over and over. If mama does not come, then the screaming commences. He also says "dada," "bye bye," and multiple other sounds that sound like he is really trying to say the appropriate thing.

Next week we go to Louisiana so Peyton can meet the rest of the Johnson family. Hopefully he'll fly as well as he has on past occasions. I hope they all realize Hurricane Peyton is on the way!

Until next month...

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