Thursday, December 3, 2009

8 months old-how time flies when you're having a good time!

8 months sure does fly when you are having fun! Peyton is becoming more of a joy by the day. He's 18.2 lbs according to the Wii. From his new set of words (baba, mama, dada, buhbuy) to the squeals at the top of his lungs, to the new skills (crawling, scurrying up mommy's lap, downward dog, imitating, pulling to stand and cruising along the side of the playpen or crib, going from tummy to sitting, and ever improving fine motor skills) he's a miracle and a joy to watch. With the development of all these skills comes some frustration for him. He gets mad when he can't do something which leads to more fussiness than normal, but he's still a great baby. Couple that fussiness with possible teething. Yes, I know I say that every month in my update, but it has to be soon, right? He's 8 months and is still toothless, which is fine by me since I am still breastfeeding. The good thing is that in the past week we seem to be getting back on a waking up only once a night routine, which is making me happy. The trip to Florida, the time change, and a change in weather really threw him for a loop. I think the humidifier is helping a lot.

As far as eating goes, Peyton is an awesome eater. The only thing we can't get him to eat so far is meat, but I'm sure if we try it mixed with something he likes he'll enjoy it too. I still make all the baby food which is supposed to make for less picky eaters, so we'll see.

Another thing we are proud of is our skills as parents with "elimination communication." I know it's a foreign concept to most, but it is a means by which you follow your baby's cues in order to toilet them instead of having them go in a diaper, so that when potty training does occur it's easier since they already know the potty is where that happens, not a diaper. I'm happy to report that we catch "poopoo in the potty" 95% of the time and he does #1 in there after naps and in the morning. Even if potty training is still difficult, this time, learning how to communicate with Peyton even without words, has been time well spent. Plus, he seems to enjoy it!

My favorite thing that Peyton is doing now is giving me kisses. It is the sweetest thing and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and usually left with a very wet cheek:) As of now, he'll only do it to me, but he seems to be a pretty smart cookie and will probably start with Daddy soon too. He also loves to laugh and smile. My least favorite thing is that he gets into everything he's not supposed to. Gone are the days of sitting him in the living room while I run to the kitchen. He's across the room lickity split trying to get some cord, the dog's bone, a shoe, lick the sliding glass door, climb on the brick fireplace, or any number of other things he shouldn't be getting into. Those things are way more fun than toys.

I'm so looking forward to Peyton's first Christmas. All of his presents are bought and Grandma is coming from Florida. I'm sure he'll be much more interested in the paper, bags, bows, and ribbon, than the actual presents, but it'll be fun to start experiencing Christmas through a child's eyes again.

So I guess that's it. It's a lot. Each month more seems to happen in the span of a month. So in the words of Peyton, buhbuy.

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