Tuesday, November 3, 2009

7 months update

So I can't believe it. Today Peyton is 7 months old. I had every intention of weighing him today on the Wii, but with the people here doing the windows I forgot so I'll have to add an addendum later. We love that little boy more every day. He's changing faster than I ever imagined. His personality is blossoming as are the skills he's able to perform. He's been on the verge of crawling for a while now, but is much more interested in standing. In fact, today, his 7 month birthday, he pulled to stand for the first time by himself in his crib. I sat him down in there with the side down to do something and the next thing I knew, he was standing up. Other things he does routinely now is going from sitting to his stomach, but he can't get from his stomach to sitting yet, is a very adept roller at getting from one place to another, and he plays really well by himself and enjoys the toys that make music when he pushes buttons or anything he can gnaw on.

He still doesn't have a tooth, but continues to act like he's teething, drooling like a mad man and chewing on everything. His new favorite toy is an old cell phone he can chew on. It's the only way I can keep him from insisting on mine. It's amazing to watch him discover new textures. The other day he discovered the bricks on the fireplace hearth and the tile, both which he rubbed his hands across for a good 10 minutes a piece, just exploring.

We went to Florida in October and he got to experience the beach again as well as the pool. It was a much better experience at the beach than when we were there in June since it wasn't hot, but the ocean was too choppy to take him in. He loved his new raft in the pool, but it was too cold out to go in very much. He was a very good baby to me on the airplane and in the airport since I was traveling alone and very stressed about it. I got many complements after we landed that I had the best baby on the plane. In the airport he showed off his new mimicking skills and entertained a couple that, ironically, are expecting a baby girl that they are naming Peyton too. He started really squealing on that trip too, as well as waving hi to my family.

So that's all I can think of that has happened this past month. We are starting to baby proof the house with crawling seeming like an imminent occurrence, but he would much rather be walking, it seems. Life is about to get really exciting.

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