Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday Blog

ZACK: So, we just talked to the Midwife. She was very encouraging, saying that we should try and get some rest. (Yea right!). She said that this is probably going to be a long night (I concur). Connie is going to take a short bath then lay in bed in the dark for a while.

Currently she remains at approximately four minutes apart. She is still somewhat sporadic so it maybe a bit (don't tell her that). She was able to talk to the Midwife on the phone during the last contraction so she definitely isn't time to take the journey. If I had to guess (like I'm the expert) I would think we will be making our way to Mountain Midwifery at 9:52pm. (such precision). We'll I'm off to get her some water. Talk to you soon.


  1. You are off to the midwifery and I'm so nervous I think I'm gonna spew.