Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm a Big Boy Now

Peyton is doing so well with potty training!  He's gotten 3 trains so far from the Thomas the train loot we scored from one of Zack's coworkers and is a present every time he makes a potty training milestone (telling us when he has to go, staying dry at daycare, making it through naps, etc.).  Peyton can't stop talking about "Big Buzz" which is the promised gift when he is fully potty trained.

I'm blogging to talk about the new structure in Peyton's life.  This week we've started a lot of new things.  We've enrolled him in the Little Gym on Wednesdays (which Daddy will have off starting next week so that we can rotate who goes with him), he goes to Miss Lisa's for daycare on Mondays with Sierra, and on Fridays we have started a co-op preschool with some of the MMMamas for 2 hours.  The goal is to get him interacting with kids his age more, give him structured activity and direction following and so that school isn't such a shock.  There is also the option of activities on Tuesdays (Roxborough State Park's toddler activity) and Thursdays (story time at the Roxborough library).  I think it's already benefiting him because today, for the first time, he went and sat on the carpet with the other kids at story time instead of with Mommy.  He even interacted with the songs a little bit.  My baby boy is growing up fast.  I just hope we can do right by him.

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