Thursday, August 5, 2010

Longboat Key trip-16 months old!

Last week, we took a family vacation to Longboat Key. Before we went we thought Peyton would enjoy things like chasing the birds and throwing rocks in the water. We had no idea how much fun he was going to have (and how little interest he would have in chasing birds and throwing rocks into the water). We were there with Grandma, Granddaddy, Aunt Carrie, cousins McKenzie and Justin, and Aunt Cathy came down one day to visit too. Peyton was so good for everyone. He stayed with Grandma and Aunt Carrie and was well behaved and played hard. This gave Mommy and Daddy several nights out to dinner alone and a kayaking trip, which were much needed. We have had very little alone time or date nights in the last 16 months. He napped well for everyone, and even slept pretty well at night even with the time difference, teething, and being in a weird place. His favorite thing to do was to play in the water and shovel sand. He had a shovel glued to his hand almost constantly. He loved running into the shallow water and tide pools and would fall down and just pick himself up and do it again. It was so much fun to watch. He enjoyed the beach much more than the pool. He would sit in the raft out in the ocean just bobbing up and down and almost drifting off to sleep on several occasions. We had to go early in the morning, stay until about noon, let him nap for about 3 hours and then we would go back in the evening because of the heat. He didn't seem to mind the humidity and heat much, though. He wanted to be outside all the time and got very angry when we would make him come in.

The trip was good for him socially and developmentally too. He got to play with his cousins and took to everyone very quickly. He is even more of a copy cat than ever. You do something once and you'll see him doing it shortly thereafter. Running on the beach did wonders for his balance and his hand eye coordination improved a lot-the first day he couldn't figure out how to shovel and get it in the bucket and by the last day he was filling buckets with sand-and he's doing better at catching and is on the verge of jumping. His personality grows more everyday, as does his stubbornness. At times he is quite the handful, getting into everything and constantly testing his boundaries.

Anyway, here are some links to videos from the trip. I thought it was easier to do it this way than put links to every one on facebook. Enjoy!

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