Wednesday, July 8, 2009

12 weeks old-Planes, Florida, Steamboat, and milestones

Hello all. Time for another Peyton update. He is 12 weeks old...hard to believe it was only 3 months ago that I had him. He's growing and changing so much daily. He's had a very active life for only being 3 months old. Zack has been home for 5 weeks (went back to work today) so we've been able to do lots of things as a family. Who knows if we'll ever have that much time together again. So here's what Mr. Peyton has been up to.

We went to Florida at the beginning of June for 10 days to see friends and family. Peyton met his Grandpa, Great Grandpap, Great Uncle Ron, and Great Great Aunt Loretta. We had a BBQ to meet all the generations. Aunt Cathy and Grandma greatly enjoyed their time with him. He got to go in the swimming pool and LOVED napping in a chair on the porch by the pool. He didn't like the beach so much. We only stayed an hour because of how hot and humid it was. Aunt Cathy was nice enough to baby sit the next day so that we could go back to the beach. Grandma also babysat one day so that we could go canoeing. Those two days were the longest I've been away from him. He was great on the airplane, sleeping most of the time and perfectly content maneuvering through the airport in the Baby Bjorn. Not one bit of crying during travel. Oh, and while in Florida we took him off the reflux medicine and he's doing great.
We also went to Steamboat Springs for the 4th of July with Grandma and Granddaddy. Peyton got to see the botanical gardens and the 4th of July parade, which he actually watched part of (when he wasn't asleep in the Bjorn) and seemed to enjoy. He almost got crushed when the nearly 7 foot old man standing next to Zack passed out and Zack was holding him. It was a scary moment, but Peyton was passed back to me unscathed (and we think the man ended up being fine too). Peyton did sleep through the fireworks because they were passed his bedtime. Maybe next year. On the drive to Steamboat we had to travel over several mountain passes over 11,000 feet and he did great. At his 4 month appointment we'll need to see when it's safe to keep him at that altitude for any length of time. The same week as the 4th we went on our first camping trip. We went up to about 7400 feet near Buffalo Creek and did some roadside camping. Everything was good except Peyton wouldn't nap or eat well because there was so much distracting stuff around (flies, trees, wind, etc.) We used our backpacking tent and have since bought a family tent because it was way too cramped. I rated the experience a B+ and hope for an A once we try out the bigger tent.
Finally, we went in for a weight check today at the doctor's office because of the confusion about his weight at 8 weeks. He weighs in at a whopping 12 pounds 15 1/2 ounces. That's a HUGE gain in the last month. We double checked his weight last time so it was definitely a gain of over 2 pounds. That puts him back on the growth curve he was on initially. He's also started really laughing...almost a HA HA HA sound. Before he would try to laugh, but it was funny sounding. He makes us laugh so hard we cry when he does it. He's starting to push with his arms when on his tummy and is so close to rolling over. He rolls to his side constantly now, but doesn't make it all the way over. He's also starting to reach for things and play with soft toys. One of the PA's at the doctor's office thought he was 6 months old because of how he was holding up his head and sitting in my lap. He's constantly wanting to chew on things and started drooling a lot so we think teeth may be in the near future. He rarely cries, usually only when he's fighting going to sleep, but still is regularly in bed by 9:00 and sleeps between 6-8 hours straight. We couldn't ask for more.

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